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War Of The Worlds Part 2 113bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2009-07-01
War Of The Worlds musical version by Jeff Wayne remixed with breakbeats, a real battle monster!

Available in WAV and MP3

Six Million Dollar Man remix -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2008-00-00
Breakbeat remix of the 70's T.V. show theme

Darth Vader Theme Breakbeat Remix -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2008-00-00
Remix of the music from the Star Wars movie by John Williams, breakbeats are N.T. by Kool and the Gang and Amem Brother by The Winstons.

Going The Distance Remix -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2002-00-00

Remix of this music from the rocky movie, an amem brother breakbeat over the top. Has been massive at b-boy jams since 2002. Other versions have come since, this was the first.

Released on vinyl in 2003 - Cream Remixes

Flash Gordon Remix -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2010-04-10
Theme from the Flash Gordon film by Queen with phat breakbeats over the top.

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