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80 s Electro Mix Vol 1 -- credits:40--

Author: DJ Junk - 2013-03-00

80's Electro Mix Vol 1

Mixed by DJ Junk

80 min no-stop mix of 80's electro

track list

1) 'Surgery' remixed World Class Wreckin Crew
2) 'Let's Jam' The Unknown DJ
3) 'Reckless (Club Mix)' Chris 'The Glove' Taylor & Dave Storrs
4) 'Planet' World Class Wreckin Crew
5) 'Tibetan Jam' Chris The Glove Taylor
6) 'Girls' Egyptian Lover
7) '808 Beats' The Unknown DJ
8) 'The Glove 6pm Mix' The Radio Crew
9) 'The Principles Of Scratch vol 1' Mutant Rockers
10) 'Fresh Mess' The Knights Of The Turntables
11) 'Clear' Cybotron
12) 'U People' Foreveraction
13) 'The Return Of Captain Rock' Captain Rock
14) 'What Is A Dj If He Cant Scratch' (LP version) The Egyptian Lover
15) 'Funky Soul Makossa' (Rap) Nairobi


Powermoves album Sucker DJ -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2003-02-00

A mash up of the rap from Dimples D 'Sucker DJ' over the groove from Jocelyn Brown's 'Somebody Else's Guy'

Released on the Powermoves vinyl album in 2004

Produced By DJ Junk

dj junk
Sucker DJ

Old Skool Hip Hop And Electro Volume 1 -- credits:40--

Author: D.J. Junk - 1995-00-00

1980's hip Hop And Electro Mix, done in 1995

track list

'Fresh Mess' Knights Of The Turntables
'Tibetan Jam' Chris 'The Glove Taylor'
'Surgery' World Class Wreckin' Crew
'Egypt Egypt' Egyptian Lover
'What People Do For Money' Divine Sounds
'Computer Power' Jamie Jupitor
'Let's Jam' The Unknown DJ
'Breaker's Revenge' Arthur Baker
'Slice It Up' Kool Rock Jay & D.J. Slice
'Scratching 100 Speakers' Dr Dre
'Rock The House' The B-Boys
'Crazy Cuts' Grandmixer DST
'Shake And Break' The Boogie Boys
'Live It Up' The Imperial Brothers
'Breakdancer' Boogie Boys
'Body Rock' Ice T
'Scratch Motion' The Triple Threat Three
'Summer' Fantasy Three
'B-Boy Breakdance' High Fidelity Three
'The Buck Stops Here' Fantasy Three

Old Skool Hip Hop And Electro Volume 4 -- credits:40--

Author: D.J. Junk - 1996-06-00

1980's hip Hop And Electro Mix, done in 1996

Track List-

'Techno Scratch' Knights Of The Turntables
'Dance' The Egyptian Lover
'D.E.F. Momentum' D.E.F.
'Girls' The Egyptian Lover
'808 Beats' The Unknown D.J.
'We Are The Knights' Knights Of The Turntables
'Electric Kingdom' Twilight 22
'Clear' Cybotron
'Style Of The Street' Broken Glass
'Jam On It' Newcleus
'The Battle' Sparky D vs The Playgirls
'Breaking In Space' Keymatic
'The DMX Will Rock' Davy DMX
'Dedication' Fearless Four
'Son Of Beat Street' Jazzy J
'Hear Comes The Beat' Pumpkin And The Profile All Stars
'Leader Of The Pack' UTFO
'Cosmic Blast' Captain Rock
'Bite This' Roxanne Shante

Old Skool Hip Hop And Electro Volume 2 -- credits:40--

Author: D.J. Junk - 1996-00-00

1980's hip Hop And Electro Mix, done in 1996

track list

'Take Your Radio' Steady B
'Transformer' Graig G
'Stick Up Kid' The B-Boys
'Beat Biter' MC Shan
'He Cuts So Fresh' Marley Marl
'Just Call Us Def' Steady B
'Don't Dis Me' Robert S
'Fly Shante' Steady B
'Runaway' Roxanne Shante
'How Fast Money Goes' Divine Sounds
'World Class' World Class Wreckin Cru
'B-Boy Style' Lil Jazzy J & Cool Surpreme
'Coast To Coast' Word Of Mouth & D.J. Cheese
'Life's A Ghetto' Dr. Fresh
'Darrel And Joe' Run DMC
'Mix So I can Go Crazy' Jazzy Jeff
'Triple Threat' Z 3 Mc's
'Busy B's Groove' Busy B
'Rockin' It' Fearless 4

We Come To Dub - FREE DOWNLOAD! -- credits:0--

Author: Imperial Brothers - 0000-00-00

We Come To Rock - FREE DOWNLOAD! -- credits:0--

Author: Imperial Brothers - 0000-00-00
'We Come To Rock' Imperial Brothers

The Escapades Of Futura 2000 -- credits:4--

Author: Futura 2000 - 0000-00-00
'The Escapades Of Futura 2000' Futura 2000

Sucker DJs -- credits:4--

Author: Dimples D - 0000-00-00
'Sucker DJs' Dimples D

Biters In The City -- credits:4--

Author: Fantasy Three - 0000-00-00
'Biters In The City' Fantasy Three

The Glove 6pm Mix -- credits:4--

Author: The Radio Crew - 0000-00-00
'The Glove 6pm Mix' The Radio Crew

Shake and Break -- credits:4--

Author: The Boogie Boys - 0000-00-00
'Shake and Break' The Boogie Boys

Get Down Grandmaster -- credits:4--

Author: Grandmaster Caz - 0000-00-00
'Get Down Grandmaster' Grandmaster Caz

Music -- credits:4--

Author: Syncbeat - 0000-00-00
'Music' Syncbeat

So Fresh So Mean radio version -- credits:4--

Author: Level 4 - 0000-00-00
'So Fresh So Mean' radio version Level 4

V The Viper -- credits:4--

Author: Vandy C and Bill Blast - 0000-00-00
'V The Viper' Vandy C and Bill Blast

The Beat Is Mine -- credits:4--

Author: Hardrock Soul Movement - 0000-00-00
The Beat Is Mine - Hardrock Soul Movement

Summer Jam -- credits:4--

Author: CD III - 0000-00-00
'Summer Jam' CD III

Fresh -- credits:4--

Author: Fresh 3 MCs - 0000-00-00
'Fresh' Fresh 3 MCs

Dj Interview -- credits:4--

Author: Rob Base - 0000-00-00
'Dj Interview' Rob Base

beat freak -- credits:4--

Author: bobby broom - 0000-00-00
'beat freak' bobby broom

One For The Treble -- credits:4--

Author: Davy DMX - 0000-00-00
'One For The Treble' Davy DMX

HELLAFIED TALK -- credits:4--

Author: B1 AWESOME L - 0000-00-00

4 Ever My Beat -- credits:4--

Author: Stetsasonic - 0000-00-00
'4 Ever My Beat' Stetsasonic

9 mm Goes Bang -- credits:4--

Author: Boogie Down Productions - 0000-00-00
'9 mm Goes Bang' Boogie Down Productions

All Hail The Drum -- credits:4--

Author: Fresh Force - 0000-00-00
'All Hail The Drum' Fresh Force

2 Live Is`What We Are -- credits:4--

Author: 2 Live Crew - 0000-00-00
'2 Live Is`What We Are' 2 Live Crew

Aladdins On A Rampage -- credits:4--

Author: Low Profile - 0000-00-00
'Aladdin's On A Rampage' Low Profile

World Class -- credits:4--

Author: World Class Wreckin Crew - 0000-00-00
'World Class' World Class Wreckin Crew

Worse Em -- credits:4--

Author: Triple M Bass - 0000-00-00
'Worse Em' Triple M Bass

Wrong Girls To Play With DUB -- credits:4--

Author: Papa Austin With the Great Peso - 0000-00-00
'Wrong Girls To Play With' DUB Papa Austin With the Great Peso

Wrong Girls To Play With -- credits:4--

Author: Great Peso and Papa Austin - 0000-00-00
'Wrong Girls To Play With' vocal Great Peso and Papa Austin

Ya Dont Quit -- credits:4--

Author: Ice T - 0000-00-00
'Ya Don't Quit' Ice T

Yes Yes Y all -- credits:4--

Author: MC Shy D - 0000-00-00
'Yes Yes Y'all' MC Shy D

Yo Mutha -- credits:4--

Author: Steady B - 0000-00-00
'Yo Mutha' Steady B

You Can Make It -- credits:4--

Author: The Rebels - 0000-00-00
'You Can Make It' The Rebels

You Gots To Chill -- credits:4--

Author: EPMD - 0000-00-00
'You Gots To Chill' EPMD

You Shouldnt Have Done It -- credits:4--

Author: Frick And Frack - 0000-00-00
'You Shouldn't Have Done It' Frick And Frack

You Talk Too Much - FREE DOWNLOAD! -- credits:0--

Author: Run DMC - 0000-00-00
'You Talk Too Much' Run DMC

Zodiac -- credits:4--

Author: The Boogie Boys - 0000-00-00
'Zodiac' The Boogie Boys

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