About Us


About Us...


Hi fellow b-boys / dj's/ producers / and general beat heads,


We are a group of veteran b-boys who are still active, we are also DJ's and producers and have been collecting vinyl records since the mid 80's.


We are very keen on collecting breakbeats and making new b-boy music , we feel that as b-boying / breaking is evolving, new b-boy music is important too. We like to dig out completely obscure beats from old unknown records and bring them to the b-boy scene. We also like to give exposure to those classics long forgotten about as today’s b-boys were not even born when the first hip hop music was coming out.


The genres of interest to us are Hip Hop , Electro, Breakbeat cut and past tracks, Soul, Funk , Disco , Jazz, Soundtrack  & Library music and anything that a rough breakbeat can be sampled from.